Let us make landscape maintenance easy, with our best irrigation hybrid solar technologies.

Sparling's Custom Irrigation SystemInstall an Automatic Irrigation System

Conserving precious water is our responsibility, but that shouldn’t mean sacrificing your green lawn and beautiful landscaping. A Sparling’s custom irrigation system will conserve water, will likely reduce your water bills, and will definitely save you time and effort.

Insisting on the Best Irrigation Products

Sparling’s utilizes only the top irrigation products on earth, being HUNTER, RAIN BIRD and TORO.

Components of a Sparling’s System

backflowBackflow prevention system

A building permit for plumbing is required for the connection of the irrigation system to the water system. A backflow preventor is required to be installed and tested in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. Sparling’s takes this very seriously and exceeds all requirements on every installation.



controlAutomatic Controller

This is the brain of the system. The controller automatically opens and closes valves according to a preset schedule. Sparlings provides easy-to-set programs to help you efficiently manage seasonal adjustments.




A rain sensor is provided to signal the controller to shut off the system when it rains, and will command a controller to shut off right when it starts to rain. The rain sensor can be mounted on an eave, or any flat vertical surface like a wall or fence.




A valve is like a faucet. Valves respond to commands from the controller. When valves receive a signal to open, water flows to the sprinklers. When they receive another signal to close, the flow of water stops. You can be worry free, knowing Sparling’s installs the most durable in the industry.




The sprinklers distribute water. Sparling’s offers a complete line of sprinklers designed to be efficient, durable and reliable. Listed below the photo of front yard rotors in action are four categories of sprinklers or water emission devices.

Sparling's Irrigation - front yard rotors


Sprays are installed in small to medium size lawn areas, around curbs and sidewalks, or around flowerbeds and shrubs. The heavy-duty stainless steel spring allows for dependable out-of-sight retraction, plus an exclusive molded wiper seal for unmatched resistance to grit, pressure, and extreme environments.




Rotors provide precise, even coverage for larger areas, with water distribution from precision-engineered nozzles, giving you a consistently green lawn throughout. The larger water droplets prevent misting and airborne evaporation, so the right amount of water is delivered to the right place, saving you water and money. Gentle close-in watering eliminates dry spots around the rotor, prevents seed washout, and allows the turf to grow healthy with no matting or bending.



spraymicroDrip & Micro-Spray Irrigation

Low‐volume drip is used to efficiently water individual trees, flowerbeds, potted containers, or other non‐grass areas. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the root zone, which helps plants thrive and reduces water loss due to evaporation.



rotaryRotary Nozzles

Rotary Nozzles fit on spray heads but they work like rotors. They deliver water at a lower precipitation rate than a spray, which make them ideal for slopes or areas where erosion is a consideration.



hybrid_solarHybrid Solar Technology

The solar sync continually gathers on‐site solar, rain and temperature data used in the calculation of evapotranspiration (ET), then determines watering requirements.



hybrid_controllerThe XC Hybrid Controller

The XC Hybrid Controller provides water management via dc power. Features such as a 365 day calendar, three independent programs (each with four start times), global seasonal adjustment and station-controlled sensors mean saving a little blue and a lot of green.